The Will: Volume 2, A Dual Aspect Theory

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Dual-aspect Theory

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Permanent Record by Edward Snowden , Hardcover 1. Open Borders Inc. Description The phenomenon of action in which the mind moves the body has puzzled philosophers over the centuries.

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In this new edition of a classic work of analytical philosophy, Brian O'Shaughnessy investigates bodily action and attempts to resolve some of the main problems. His expanded and updated discussion examines the scope of the will and the conditions in which it makes contact with the body, and investigates the epistemology of the body.

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He sheds light upon the strangely intimate relation of awareness in which we stand to our own bodies, doing so partly through appeal to the concept of the body-image. The result is a new and strengthened emphasis on the vitally important function of the bodily will as a transparently intelligible bridge between mind and body, and the proposal of a dual aspect theory of the will.

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Add to basket. Table of contents Introduction; Part I. The Limits of the Will: 1.

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The logical limits of the will; 2. Is the body the final boundary of the will? Extending the will beyond the body; 4. Magic versus mechanism in action; Part II. The Immediate Object of the Will: Introduction; 5. The given; 6. The location of sensations; 7.

The body image 1 : myth and reality; 8. The body image 2 : the long-term body-image. Review quote 'Brian O'Shaughnessy is one of the best philosophers in England He has worked by himself largely outside of contemporary philosophical society, and these wild and wonderful volumes reveal with what intensity and on what a scale he has worked A good philosopher must find his obsession, and it will drive him for the rest of his life