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Henderson has written a hilarious satirical portrait Clare Bentley lives in a world where order and the cult of the efficient have reached a terrifying extreme, where criminals are eliminated, euthanasia is law and suicide is regulated by an outrageous regime. The Brotherhood rules with the brute force of an iron fist; life is State-controlled. But Clare Bentley is surprisingly successful - she enjoys fortune as a prosperous woman with a lover and a future.

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Each novella follows the inner world of one character's contorted thoughts as they cope with the crisis of middle age. We observe these afflicted people as they exist at different times of day. All are urban characters who live alone in New York City.

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All are trapped within the walls of their apartments and trapped in their minds and unable to escape. We listen and observe as their minds twirl with hopes, dreams, bitterness, and anger. The Cambridge Companion to Canadian Literature. The Cambridge Companion to Caryl Churchill. The Cambridge Companion to Cervantes.

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August Strindberg

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