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Polish Air Arms

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SU Fitter by Bernie Condon. Into the sun Left to right: Mikoyan-Gurevich Mig. SuM-4 by krzysztofkrysiak. High-altitude airfields and hot dusty climate created special operational challenges. In the summer, the takeoff roll of the Su increased 1. Avionics failures were common due to heat and sand contamination.

Strike Fighter

However, the ALF engine proved tolerant of routine ingestion of sand and sand-contaminated fuel and by the combat readiness of the Su fleet exceeded that of the Sukhoi Su and the helicopters. Despite its durability and payload, the aircraft proved ill-adapted for combat in the mountainous terrain due to high attack speeds, low maneuverability, and the need to stay out of range of anti-aircraft artillery due to lack of significant armor protection.

Although external armor was added around the engine, hydraulics, and fuel systems based on damage analysis, this was still insufficient compared to dedicated close air support Sus. Revised tactics and retrofit of up to 12 flare dispensers which fired automatically during the attack run proved effective, and in only one Soviet Su was lost to ground fire. Around remain in service with other nations. The Soviets supplied the communist government of Angola with 12 SuMs in or , which formed the basis of the 15th FS.

The squadron suffered a swift loss of at least six aircraft — most in mishaps — by , and three more by , and had only two aircraft left when it was reinforced with another Soviet batch of 14 SuM-4Ks and two SuUM-3Ks in —90 incorporated into the 26th Air Regiment, based in Mocamedes. From the aforementioned losses, which can not be classified as mishaps or combat attrition, only an SuM, serialled C was reportedly downed in and a better-documented case occurred on 6 November when an Su based at Catumbela was shot down by a SAM fired by UNITA during a raid against Huambo.

The pilot managed to eject and flee naked after stripping off his flight suit. They were mostly used in ground-attack and in close air support role. Official Iraqi accounts show no loss of Su aircraft throughout the war against the Kurds and Iran. Many more were destroyed on the ground by coalition air forces or evacuated to Iran and were never returned. Navy Grumman F Tomcats on 19 August One Su fired an AA-2 Atoll missile head-on at one of the Fs from an estimated meters closing distance. Both were then downed by AIM-9 Sidewinder missiles.

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  5. The pilot, Capt. Diya al-Din, ejected and was captured. He was later granted political asylum by the French government. They refused, bailing out of the aircraft and parachuting to the ground. Among other missions, Sus also attacked Anti-Gaddafi positions on Bin Jawad in early March as government forces retook the town.

    Some Libyan Air Force Sus were claimed shot down by the rebels. In January , it was reported that Libyan forces were trying to restore older Su SMK air-frames, retired before the Libyan Civil War , to flying condition to push them back to service to use against opposing forces in the Libyan Civil War —present. Peru was the only Latin-American export customer of the type. On 24 April , Peruvian "Fitters" attacked a U. Crew member Joseph C. Beard, Jr.

    Operational history

    Banderas and Capt. The Sus flew 45 sorties into the combat zone. A strong force of "Fitters" was also set up at El Pato as a retaliatory force should Ecuador decide to attack the coastal port.

    The pilot ejected and was rescued after two hours in the water. He later died in a CM crash on 23 January As of the Polish Air Force is planning to retain the Sus in service. It is hoped that this decision will have a positive impact on Polish industry, as the WZL nr 2 repair facility in Bydgoszcz will maintain the remaining aircraft under contract to the Air Force. The decision will also allow the Air Force to retain the well-trained ground crews and pilots, currently operating the machines.

    Su-22UM-3K 707

    The Poles consider the Su easier to maintain and repair than the other main combat aircraft types currently in Polish service mainly the MiG and the F It is also the only plane in Polish inventory equipped for electronic intelligence, warfare, and support of ground systems. The Polish Air Force has retained a large stockpile of air-to-ground weapons for use with the Su By some estimates, the cost of destroying these resources would be higher than the projected cost of continuing Su operations.

    During the Syrian civil war , since the second half of , Syrian Air Force Sus have been involved in combat operations against the Syrian insurgents. Strike techniques were low to medium altitude flat bombing runs with pull up after ordnance delivery and use decoy flares for self-defense.

    The Yemeni Air Force backed the army with air raids on rebel-held positions. On 5 October , a Yemeni Su crashed when it was flying in formation with another aircraft, on the way back from a mission.

    The rebels claimed to have shot it down, while Yemeni armed forces denied shooting the claim and claimed that crashed due to technical problems. Again the military claimed it crashed due to technical problems, while the Yemeni revolutionaries claimed they shot it down.

    The government confirmed that rebel tribesmen were responsible for the shoot-down, and that the jet's pilot had been captured.

    WINGS PALETTE - Sukhoi Su/Su/Su Fitter

    Sources [2]. Data from Sukhoi, [50] Wilson [51]. Sukhoi Su For the earlier aircraft with the same designation, see Sukhoi Su