Parenting Representations: Theory, Research, and Clinical Implications

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Self-perception of parental role, family functioning, and familistic beliefs in Italian parents: Early evidence. Front Psychol. Gender, social psychological explanations [In Turkish]. İstanbul: Sistem Publishing. Elek, S. Marital and parenting satisfaction and infant care self-efficacy during the transition to parenthood: The effect of infant sex.

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Issues in Comprehensive Pediatric Nursing, 26 1 , Elloy, D. Etcheverry, P.

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Thinking about commitment: Accessibility of commitment and prediction of relationship persistence, accommodation, and willingness to sacrifice. Personal Relationships, 12, — Frosch, C. Marital behavior and the security of preschooler—parent attachment relationships. Journal of Family Psychology, 14 1 , Grych, J.

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In Parenting representations. McCoy, K.

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The European Journal of Counselling Psychology, Vol 4, No 2 (2016)

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Rozwój systemu sprawowania opieki u matek w świetle teorii przywiązania społecznego

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DMM publications list 12222

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Parenting on the Autism Spectrum A Survival Guide, Second Edition

Scharf, M. Long-term effects of trauma: Psychosocial functioning of the second and third generation of Holocaust survivors. Development and Psychopathology , 19 2 , — Slade, A. Maternal reflective functioning, attachment, and the transmission gap: A preliminary study.