Isozymes. Molecular Structure

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Zlokolica and C.

Geric, Application of isoenzymes in control of genetic purity of seed of agricultural plants. News, Gonzalez-Perez, S. Vereijken, K. Merck, G. Gruppen and A.

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Ubiquitin carboxyl-terminal hydrolase isozyme L3

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Mullen, S. Cianzio and P. Scott, Dehydrin-like proteins in soybean seeds in response to drought stress during seed filling.

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Paehtz, K. Linow, B. Raab and M. Schultz, On seed proteins. Purification, chemical composition and some physico-chemical properties of the 11S globulin Helianthinin in sunflower seed. Nahrung, Shabani, F.

Isozyme markers and genetic variability in three species of Centrosema (Leguminosae)

Kumar and S. Taylor, Suitable regions for date palm cultivation in Iran are predicted to increase substantially under future climate change scenarios. Wendel, M. Goodman and J.


Smith, Technique and scoring procedures for starch gel electrophoresis of enzymes from maize Zea mays L. Technical Bulletin No. Zlokolica, M. Nikolic, S. Turkav, M. Milosevic, M. Graovac and D. Skoric, Isozymic variability of self pollinated sunflower Helianthus annuus L. Biotechnology Volume 13 3 : , How to cite this article: Shabani Alireza , Biotechnology, DOI: Comparative data of genetic purity level in sunflower measured on the basis of isozyme and seed storage protein analysis.

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Macromolecule Content Total Structure Weight: This is version 1. Murakami, M. Hide Full Abstract.