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This is lameness. This is where hoof maintenance comes into play. We call it preventative trimming. Hoof trimming ensures that both claws on each hoof are even and in the best shape for evenly carrying the weight. Without correct trimming lameness can be rampant amongst dairy herds, leading to lots of lost production. The photo on the left shows a typical hoof overgrowth, and the photo at right shows the same hoof trimmed to the correct size and shape. Do you know how to treat this cow? Come join us at site In summary it is important to remember that correct nutrition to one, keep the cow in optimum health and two, in such a way to avoid rumen upset is very important.

This coupled with preventative hoof trimming will signi icantly reduce the amount of lameness in your herd. Westland chief executive Rod Quin said the company had been running one tanker into the district daily since July when the Rolleston plant opened, and local farmer interest in Westland was increasing. Farmers make supplier decisions annually around February but already Westland is ielding inquiries from potential new suppliers. It has some suppliers, most on the West Coast. We have just taken on a full-time Canterbury milk supply manager. Tony Watson started in that role last week.

He said farmers who wanted to join the co-op had to comply with a company code of practice that emphasised environmental and animal welfare standards. However, farmers need more information about the multiple bene its, both short and long term, of tree planting, as well as the practical speci ics of tree species selection, planting and management. They are supported by the Sustainable Farming Fund, hosted by local branches of the NZ Farm Forestry Association and draw heavily on the expertise and practical local experience of knowledgeable farm foresters.

Project manager Ian Nicholas says nearly every farm in New Zealand contains land that is dif icult to farm or marginal in some way. Integrating trees with livestock management: trees for shelter and fodder, animal welfare issues, impacts on animal health and productivity The irst workshop will be held on November 17 in the Gisborne area, at the Wensleydale woolshed, Whangara, with the theme Trees for Pro it.

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Specialising in providing quality concrete solutions for more than 50 years. From 40 great home plans to sleepouts, garages, workshops and carports, Versatile can build it all! Call us today about an obligation-free quote. The giant dairy co-op is hosting a free family day out, with a sausage sizzle for thousands, on Labour Day, October Dairy farmers are most commonly hurt by the animals they tend, through kicking or accidental crushing. Fonterra is building a temporary stage and big screen, with Dane Rumble the main attraction. The day begins at noon with MC Phill Hooper introducing a range of performers until closing at 4.

Ange said local Fonterra farmers will be helping and in the crowd, but Fonterra hopes thousands of urban people will come along as well. The company has a huge impact on the local economy, which depends on dairying with many businesses in dairy or agricultural support. Mid Canterbury has around dairy herds, with an average of about cows each. Most dairy farmers are Fonterra suppliers and shareholders. The largest herd on one farm supplying Fonterra is , and the smallest The highest producing herd generates MS per cow and is milked three times a day.

While Dane Rumble is the headline act at.

Three ways to get at least 3 servings every day:

Volunteers will be collecting gold coins around the ield from midday until 4. The day is free, though Fonterra will take a gold coin collection in buckets with all pro its going to Ashburton St John. In Auckland, the Motutapu Restoration Trust will receive the proceeds of the gold coin collection to help restore the Island habitat in the Hauraki Gulf. Ange said St John was a itting charity to receive the donation because it is an important part of the whole region. Ange said the Fonterra shout promised to be a great family day out for everyone who wanted to come along for the free entertainment, BBQs and ice cream treats.

Clean up with amazing KingQuad savings! Spring Clean not offered in conjunction with any other promotional activity. Savings shown are based on recommended retail prices and include GST. Offer applies in October only or while stocks last. Only at participating dealers. Consents for new houses received in September had doubled the expected monthly volume, with 22 for the month.

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Ashburton District Council environmental services manager John McKenzie said the number of new building consents being sought was good news for the district but creating a heavy load for building inspectors. The values were up on the previous 12 months.

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Delays were possible, he said. The building consents related to milking sheds and farm buildings. Dairy sheds needed fewer inspections. Many of the new homes are accommodation on dairy farm conversions, while more in ill in urban subdivisions had also been noted. Last month we got 22 new dwelling consents and so we are well ahead of the larger centres.

He said unconsented work often came to light when a property was being sold and conveyancing work undertaken. Builders, plumbers and others in the building trade had a responsibility to make sure all necessary consents were in place. Consents relating to ef luent were important because council needed to ensure groundwater was not contaminated. He said council was frequently advised by Environment Canterbury it had granted consent to a farmer to discharge ef luent, but the district.

The future of productive farming www. Much attention has been paid about how this will impact schools and hospitals, but what about the farmers? And for many farmers, use of these products to their full capacity has been compromised by their remote location and inadequate broadband access. The availability of high-speed and wireless broadband to more rural areas of New Zealand will change this, Rob said, and allow more farmers to utilise this technology on their farms on a device of their choice, whether it be a computer, a smartphone or a tablet.

With the roll-out of broadband to more areas, many will be moved to the internet, providing a range of exciting bene its and improvement for farmers. Phone Hours: Mon - Fri 7am - 5. A fast broadband connection will enable farmers to do more of the office work out in the paddock. The new irrigator is still backed up by our very tough and well proven drive system, no blockage mast, booms and nozzles. Have you heard the team at Grieve Construction can do anything!

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This pond took only eight weeks to go from crusty and stagnant to aerobic and biologically active. Mr Roadley is on the member Ashburton water zone management committee and leads its water quality aims.

He says actions to protect and improve water quality begin with a map of water quality across the district, so hot spots can be identi ied. This will help us identify areas where it is compromised or deteriorating and where there are gaps in our knowledge.

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He said there were already some areas of challenge in the Ashburton River around phosphorus and nitrates, and in some lowland streams. The zone committee is currently looking for feedback from farmers on 73 recommendations about how water is used in Mid Canterbury. Its zone implementation programme ZIP puts priority on water quality, water quantity and security, the Ashburton River and biodiversity. The committee has identi ied a number of key water quality issues, including on-farm nutrient management issues in both irrigated and nonirrigated contexts , sedimentation problems gravel pits and stock in water , and both urban and rural quality management issues including the setting of nutrient load limits.

It carries a load of 12 tonne and discharges it within minutes depending on application rate. While on-farm practices had improved, the community continued to be concerned about water quality. The zone committee can ask Environment Canterbury and the Ashburton District Council to monitor and identify hot spots in the zone, and share the information with the community.

Nutrient load limits are compulsory by July under the National Environmental Standards, and the committee wants to talk with the community about setting load limits within the Ashburton catchment. It says the limits must be applied in a way that results in a wide uptake of good management practices as appropriate to soil types and land use within a reasonable timeframe. The committee also wants to work with industry and landowners to encourage land-users to take up best practice for on-farm nutrient use and ef luent management.

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Feedback on the ZIP needs to be in by October Effluent Tanker Woodleys offer an effluent spreading service with our new ltr tanker. It comes equipped with large flotation tyres and a downward spread pattern of meters reducing nitrogen loss to the atmosphere. Call us now, we we're re in yyour a area..

Nominations from irrigators, schemes, water user groups, environmental groups, industry, university students and researchers open on October 20 and close on February 1, Irrigation New Zealand, in association with Aqualinc, open nominations this week for the second biennial Innovation in Irrigation award.

Finalist entries will be showcased, and the of icial award presentation held at the IrrigationNZ conference in Timaru, April The award celebrates, encourages and promotes innovation and the bene it and impact irrigation provides to communities right throughout New Zealand. Innovation is the potential for new knowledge to have a positive impact on irrigation through technology or in a manner that will enhance the economic, social, cultural or environmental aspects of irrigation. Individuals, groups or companies are invited to highlight their innovation with entry into this prestigious award.

The award, run in conjunction. Although the innovation may have evolved over a longer period of time, to be eligible the innovation must be able to show a clear impact to irrigation in New Zealand in the past ive years.


Pierre's Ice Cream Co., Cleveland, Ohio - October 2011

Chris Coughlan. For more information please contact 10 Robinson Street, Ashburton Ph 03 Fax 03 Email: rainer ashburton. Too often irrigation is portrayed as a negative activity without also acknowledging the huge associated bene its to the community, economy and the environment that good management practice irrigation undoubtedly delivers.