Album Leaf (Feuillet dalbum)

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Feuillet d'album page 3 Credit Ivan Moshchuk. View the discussion thread. Your Compositions is open to submissions. Please send inquires to host David Kiser at keys scpublicradio. Yu Jung Jeon a high school junior and Melvina Kuoshu play music by Haydn on a type of piano he would have used in London in the s. Annabelle Yang performs Chopin on a piano that Frederick Chopin actually played during his visit to England in In between, he plays a Polka by Rachmaninoff that enamored audiences last year in Greenville, in an impromptu performance at an after-party.

Though he has won one of the most well-known piano competitions, Vadym shares his distaste for competitions in the interview.

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SCRIABIN, A.: Piano Music - Poemes / Waltzes / Dances (Wang Xia Yin)

Ivan Moshchuk, Pianist. Leo Smit, pianist and composer. Feuillet d'Album page 1. Feuillet d'album page 2. Feuillet d'album page 3. This piece is so achingly beautiful, I couldn't resist playing it.

Album leaf

Congratulations, David. This is one of your best recordings yet. Your freedom and control are a sweet dialectic. There is one other person on this forum who I have heard play like this. Hi goldentone, Thanks so much for your kind and thoughtful comments on my playing. I appreciate it. Scriabin never ceases to amaze me with how much music he can cram into such a short amount of time.

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Hi enrique, I'm glad you enjoyed this short piece so much. Yes, Scriabin was a genius to be sure whether in his extended works or the miniatures. Anything scalar, including chromatic steps, takes on significance for listeners, so it's always a good idea to give some emphasis to those figures. I was astounded by that, and felt that such a tempo would do a disservice to the music, if not destroy it altogether.

That is still in the upper range of andante, but I believe it makes far more sense for this ravishing late romantic music. Some of the piano greats of the past played this piece in a way that made it seem quite pallid. For my interpretation, I wanted just a less anemic sound.

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So it's slightly more aggressive than what one might usually encounter, but I also offset that choice with more attention to phrasing, dynamics and nuances in order to comply with the paciavole marking. I agree, this two-pager album leaf is so incredibly beautiful that one wants it to continue on and on.

Alexander Scriabin - All Album Leaves (1889 - 1910)

It's now one of my favorites. Thank you for your nice compliments on my playing. This is really NICE Hi emill, I'm so glad you enjoyed this piece, and thanks too for those compliments! Quote from: rachfan on July 19, , PM. Hi Ted, Yes, I had thought of that possibility too--an imagined yet vivid flirtation.

Alexander Scriabin: Album Leaf Op. 45, No. 1 | Presto Sheet Music

To me the music has a hint of improvisation as well. Several people have told me the piece is too short. They want it to continue on!

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  • I agree with that. As it turns out this is but one fleeting glimpse of a vignette. I do believe that for pianists appearing in recitals, this piece would make a wonderful first encore. Thanks for those suggestions on Ireland and Bridge. Also, thanks for listening, and enjoy the download! Something I learned from you is tonal colour and shading This is very uncoventional Hi johnmar, You're welcome!

    I'm glad I could be helpful in that regard. When you say unconventional, I always say this: Interpreting music means exploring the promise of the potential of possibilities. I like the give and take feeling of your interpretation,very flowing with just the right amount of ritard and rubato. This is the romantic Scriabin not the harsh tri-tone demonic Scriabin.